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What are the main points of fountain design?

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As an ornamental attraction, the fountain is now more and more popular in the eyes of the public. People can enjoy the splendid fountain design scene in the bustling commercial pedestrian street, and also feel the beauty of Xiaojiabi jade fountain in the residential area. Some fountains are only for people to enjoy, giving people a visual enjoyment; and some fountains can make people impressed. Under the appearance of the fountain, they can appreciate the beauty of their connotation, such as the famous Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda fountain. Its unique culture is highly respected.

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So, how can we design a fountain facility that is satisfactory to the public? First of all, designers must have a certain level of professionalism. The basis of a good fountain is that there must be a high quality fountain model that must be guaranteed for safety. If the fountain has a gorgeous appearance, there is a great potential safety hazard, which is due to small loss. After all, only with the guarantee of safety and high quality can people go further to discuss other ideas about fountain facilities.

Second, designers must also pay attention to the inner culture of the fountain. In ancient and modern China and abroad, all the fountain facilities that can resonate with people are not only the gorgeous appearance, but the structure that fully combines the external beauty with the inner beauty. Compared with the external beauty through the embodiment of the designer’s professional technology, the embodiment of the inner beauty requires the designers to fully define their own design goals. If the designer mainly wants to design a fountain that reflects the unique culture of a city, then he needs to fully understand the unique culture of the city, and based on his understanding, he will be embodied in his design philosophy.

In addition, the fountain design can also be blended with the beauty of the dance, combining the various nozzles with different lights. A good dance design can add icing on the cake to the final shape of the fountain. This feature is particularly evident in the music fountain. Along with the ups and downs of music, the beautiful light beams will gradually change, and the fountain will change shape. This is a big visual feast.

There are quite a few classic cases of fountain design in China. Designers can refer to these cases to enrich their minds and create. In fact, looking at these good fountain attractions, it is not difficult to find that the good design level and technical level is the concrete embodiment of the fountain beauty, and the design concept is the soul that runs through the beauty of the fountain. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the training of professional skills, designers are also indispensable in accumulating certain humanities. Only by combining the two together, the fountain you designed is a unique piece of art.


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