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What is the role of fountain landscape construction?

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Fountain is an indispensable human landscape in our life. Fountain landscape adds color to urban life. Fountain improves people’s quality of life and pursuit of life. Fountain design style can set off the surrounding environment more naturally. Fountain has many advantages for people and can effectively purify the air and remove it. Dust in the air can effectively purify the air and reuse water resources in the recycling of water. In fountain design, lighting design is also the most important part of the design, night with the changing effect of light, can make fountain effect more remarkable. What should be paid attention to in the lighting design of fountain design?


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Firstly, the combination of light and shade, some applications of fountain water scenery, especially as the water curtain for making movies in the art industry, requires a good ornamental effect, so the bright environment will relatively affect the ornamental effect, which can make use of other buildings or plants around the layout of clever knots. In addition, attention should be paid to the setting of lighting brightness, which should be far away from noisy places to achieve better ornamental effect.

Secondly, as a humanistic landscape, fountain waterscape is generally set up in the crowds gathering place, so as a fountain waterscape set in the square, it should be set in a more attractive position, so for the square or landscape, the choice of location is very important, generally set in the most central or central axis symmetry line of the square, or It is the entrance of the scenic spot. The fountains in these places can attract the audience enough to watch. This lighting design takes into account the lighting facilities of the scenic spot. It can be used not only as the changeable and colorful effect of the fountain, but also as the application of the lighting facilities in the scenic spot.


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Thirdly, the choice of fountain waterscape light source is also very important. We should choose the light source with good color rendering performance. We should pay attention to the choice of light source. We should choose energy-saving and environmental protection devices, halogen lamps, LED lights and other diverse choices. We should try our best to protect the environment, reduce pollution to the environment, in the fountain water body and other human landscape. Around or on both sides of the fountain will be set up some lighting devices, these lighting devices set up in a reasonable distance, do not affect the viewing effect of the fountain, you can also set some low-power lights around the fountain.

Fourthly, fountain design has better viewing effect at night. Generally, it will be constructed far away from the main light source, far away from the scenic spot or square light source, so that the effect of fountain can be guaranteed at night. The fountain’s independent lighting plus the background of the surrounding darker environment can make the fountain effective. The result is more brilliant, attracting more people’s attention, so pay attention to the setting of the lights in the scenic area.


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