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Introduction of Basic Water Type of Laser Music Fountain

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In urban areas such as city parks, squares and shopping centers, the construction of Waterscape fountain works can not only bring fresh and spiritual enjoyment to the busy modern people, but also bring people a feast for the eyes and enjoy the city. When you look at a fountain, you can see all kinds of water forms, simple or complex, and different shapes. Especially at night, water fountain in the laser and music with the audio-visual effect, can always give people a kind of magic, such as the feeling of immersion in fairyland. The following is an introduction of several basic water types in the common laser music fountains.

fountain design,Waterscape fountain
I. Long Dragon Dancing
This type of fountain water is processed by electronic digital technology, pre-programmed and equipped with high-speed solenoid valve. The fountain is 60 meters long. It uses 26 sets of strong sprinklers, 27 meters high sprinkler, single pump and frequency control, with LED lights. Fountains one by one sprinkle water, so that the overall design of waterscape fountains to high and low orderly effect, like waves surging, a wave is better than a wave. The changes of fountains are like the dragon and the waves, such as waves, one after another. At the same time, the underwater lighting in the waterscape design adds a beautiful and mysterious color to the lake surface in the night, giving a dynamic aesthetic feeling.

2. Variety of Stamen
This type of fountain water type has eight sets of variational sprinklers, 17 meters high sprinkler, frequency conversion control, with LED lights. The fountain technology, which combines advanced and unique variable speed technology with audio frequency control, overcomes the shortcomings of single and fixed shape of traditional sprinkler, and makes the water type have variable speed and deformation effect, which is infinitely wonderful in the process of change. The height of the fountain column and the width of the fountain all have rhythmic shrinkage, or expansion and contraction around it, just like blooming buds in full bloom. Different types of pistil water are scattered and orderly, fresh and wonderful, which brings endless pleasure to the audience watching the music fountain performance.


fountain design,Waterscape fountain
3. Dream UFO
In the fountain design, the nozzle used is 3 meters in diameter, 8 meters in diameter swing range, and equipped with LED colorful lights. The sprinkler has powerful functions, producing various shapes such as flying saucer, flower basket and so on. It is a very creative combination of sprinklers. The water fountain of rotary flower blue or flying saucer is beautiful and distinctive, and the water is huge. The water ejected form a netted and covered area. The drop drops are bright and colorful under the laser. The fountain is more charming and gorgeous with underwater lighting. This is the fountain’s finishing touch, and it will give visitors a feeling of exclamation.

Four other types of fountain water

1, dynamic water curtain: Fountain arc length 60 meters, 15 meters high spray, direct spray nozzle, with digital solenoid valve, LED colorful lamp, as music fountain performance changes rich, changeable, and is the main carrier of laser performance, creative novelty, unique.

2. Fantastic Water Dance: The fountain is 60 meters long with 26 sets of one-dimensional numerical control sprinklers and 15 meters high with LED lights. When performing laser music fountain, it can cross or perpendicularly at the same time to form various changes, such as the dancing posture of girls, dancing gracefully and elegantly.

3, windsurfing and dancing: the fountain type is controlled by 4 sets of wobble motors, each with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 14 meters. The direct sprinkler is equipped with LED colorful lights. The design effect of the fountain is like sailing on the ship, flying in the wind, breaking through the wind and breaking the waves.

4. Sky-blowing salute: common in the center of large square, especially in the middle of lake, with a maximum height of 30 meters, atmospheric fountain and LED lights. Its water type is innovative technology, which produces sound in the air, excites people, renders the atmosphere, and implies climbing the peak bravely.


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