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Beautiful music fountain

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The music fountain is based on the combination of artificial fountains and modern technology. It enables the fountain to provide people with a visual and auditory feast with the changes of music rhythm. It has become an entertainment project in urban life at night. The musical fountain was first exhibited in the United States in 1953. It produced a nighttime landscape through neon lights, fountain shapes, music accompaniment, etc., which brought a different experience to the live viewers. According to the survey, the first musical fountain landscape exceeded 1.5 million people watched. The creation of the musical fountain has attracted the attention of artists and city managers from all over the world, making it an important manifestation of the emerging art carrier and making it an important component of the urban landscape. From the perspective of the structure and characteristics of the music fountain, the music fountain is a product that has been promoted along with the development of new technologies.

music fountain

1. Characteristics of the music fountain

The music fountain is based on the artificial fountain and is controlled by the control system to control the music playing, water flow speed, water flow height, water flow shape, and light variation. In the process of designing and constructing the music fountain, the fountain’s shape, lighting, music, etc. should be consistent, so that the color beauty, music beauty and shape beauty can be perfectly matched, and the fountain can be used to express the modern landscape with artistic characteristics. From the perspective of the expression of the musical fountain, it can be combined with the change of the rhythm of the music, and the corresponding changes in the shape of the light and the fountain water to realize the simultaneous development of music, lighting and water. In the context of changes in color, music, etc., the music fountain only needs to adjust the control system to match the fountain spray shape, which can perfectly match other environmental changes.

2. The venue for the use of musical fountains

The design of the music fountain is becoming more and more simple. The professional music fountain company will design a music fountain that meets the local characteristics and landscape characteristics according to the actual situation of the construction site, so that the music fountain can match other music accompaniments at any time according to the requirements of the builder. Musical instruments, to adjust with the times. The fountain shape of the musical fountain produces a beautiful waterscape in the context of musical melody and lighting. This perfect artistic waterscape landscape is suitable for all kinds of squares, parks, lakes, natural landscapes, communities, etc., and in the case of lower and lower prices of musical fountains, the design and construction of musical fountains has shown a general trend. It can meet the needs of various cities, landscapes and other places. At the same time, the maintenance cost and cost of the music fountain are low, and all kinds of construction parties with needs can combine their own conditions to create a musical fountain that meets their requirements.


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