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Musical Fountain

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Music Fountain Music Performance fountain commonly known as the music Fountain, is in the program control fountain on the basis of the addition of music control system, the computer through the recognition of audio and MIDI signals, decoding and coding, and eventually the signal output to the control system, so that the fountain shape and lighting changes and music to keep pace, to achieve sound, water, lights.
The shape atmosphere is unified, plays the synchronization, thus achieves the fountain water type, the light and the color change and the music emotion perfect combination, makes the fountain performance more vivid more full connotation and embodies the water art. Widely used in large- scale central parks, shopping malls, resorts, scenic spots, lake waterways, artificial pools and other environments, water-shaped diversity, strange shape, music fountain with the change of music, for the city people in the night to add a beautiful visual and auditory feast, Is the fast-paced city life at night a rather romantic and leisurely entertainment program.


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