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Key Points of Fountain Design and Construction Requirements

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1. Making full use of the advantages of the original water resources

The design and installation of fountain landscape in garden square should be close to the original water resources near the city, and the water resources are pure. When planning, the advantages of the original water resources should be taken into account to design and install the fountain address. When building fountains, we should make full use of water resources, realize the recycling of water resources, design and construction methods, and use water resources conveniently.

2. It has its own characteristics.

Fountain design should be creative. In the city or garden, it should have its own urban characteristics. Fountain planning and construction should be based on the city’s own characteristics, combined with the city’s geographical characteristics and local natural landscape. To design different styles and different types of fountain landscape, it is important to be different.

3. The water of the fountain landscape should be fluidity.

Fountain landscape should flow with water. Fountain has more dynamic beauty in water flow. In hot summer, the flow of water makes the surrounding environment more fresh. This is a good place for cool summer. The combination of fountain design landscape and urban gardens is better, and the landscape features are more prominent, giving people a dynamic aesthetic feeling.
Construction Requirements for Fountain Design

Because of the unexpected problems often encountered in the construction process, most of these problems may be related to the terrain, geographical location and various human factors of fountain construction. These problems need to be solved in time to prevent delays in project progress. Different types of fountains have different requirements for the wall and bottom of the pool. The design is made on the basis of field analysis. Fountain wall and bottom need waterproof and leakage during construction. Many fountains are controlled by electric pumps. Generally speaking, wires are buried underground. Leakage is prone to accidents. In addition, the design of fountains should consider climate issues, prevent the freezing of various nozzles in winter, and design drainage facilities manually managed. At the same time, we should consider saving water and calculate water consumption and ejection eye strictly and accurately. Then, the fountain’s performance is modeled by sprinklers showing various gestures, such as membrane, water mist or water column.


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