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How many drainage systems are designed for fountain design?

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fountain designDetailed design of drainage system design for fountain design

1. The water type of the nozzle designed by the fountain is caused by various factors, such as the type of the nozzle, the combination of the nozzle, and the angle of the nozzle. As far as the composition of the fountain water type is concerned, the basic components are different types of nozzles produced by different types of nozzle water spray, namely water column, water belt, water line, water curtain, water film, water mist, air bubbles and the like. There are many types of water, such as parallel, direct, oblique, upward and divergent water and water lines, intersecting injection, relative injection, radial injection and rotary injection, water lines through water curtains and membranes, water mist Shade the nozzle, water spray on the water surface, etc.

2. The control method of the fountain has the changes of spray amount, spray time and spray method. There are three main ways.


fountain design

1 manual valve control. This is a more common and simple method of control. The manual control valve is installed on the fountain water supply pipe to adjust the water pressure and flow of each section to form a fixed water spray.

2 relay control. Usually, the time relay is used to control the opening and closing of the pump, the solenoid valve, the lantern, etc. according to the design time program, thereby realizing the automatic change of the water spray posture.

3 audio control. The voice-activated fountain is an automatic fountain that uses the human body’s sound to control the shape of the water in the fountain. The principle of a voice-activated fountain is to convert a sound signal into an electrical signal that is amplified and processed to push the relay or its electronic switch, and then control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve in the water to control the flow of the nozzle. Thus, as the sound changes, one can see the size, height, and shape of the spray. It can be combined with human hearing and vision. Make the waves in the fountain dance with the beautiful music melody.

4. Fountain water supply method. The water in the tap water is supplied and circulated directly by the submersible pump. Place the submersible pump in a concealed position or low position in the fountain, and directly pump water from the pool to supply water to the water pipe and nozzle. Generally suitable for small fountains.

5. Fountain pipe arrangement. Pipes designed for large fountains can be placed in the ditch. Normally, the pipeline of the fountain project can be laid directly in the pool. In order to keep the water pressure of each nozzle the same, ring or symmetrical pipes should be used and the head loss should be minimized. Valves that regulate water pressure should be installed in front of each nozzle or group of nozzles. For high-range nozzles, keep a long straight line or set up a rectifier before the nozzle.


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