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Brief introduction of fountain design points

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In recent years, the application technology of fountain design has developed rapidly. Many technologies have been widely used in practice. Waterscape has gradually formed a relatively separate engineering branch, but the guiding theory of the system in engineering design practice is not perfect.
fountain design
Generally speaking, fountains can be divided into two categories:
1. Use terrain or civil buildings to simulate natural waterscape. For example, streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, fish ponds, springs, waterfalls, etc., are widely used in traditional Chinese gardens.
2. The fountain design relies on the fountain equipment to create the scenery. Many kinds of fountains, such as music fountains, program-controlled fountains, dry land fountains, atomized fountains, etc., have been widely used in the construction field in recent years.
fountain design
Where there is a high perception requirement, water quality treatment system is also needed. A good waterscape design should be the product of a good combination of the above systems, on the basis of artistic effect design. The design points are as follows:
1. Modeling design and nozzle selection
In the overall design of waterscape, it is necessary to analyze the basic requirements of the environment and atmosphere, then analyze different forms of waterscape, sort out different combination schemes, draw the renderings, and select the appropriate combination schemes.
Waterscape forms can be divided into still water, flowing water, falling water, sprinkler irrigation and other forms, but also can derive a variety of forms. With the development of sprinkler technology, the attitude of sprinkler is changing. With these materials, and through artistic design, we can draw a beautiful waterscape.
2. In addition, different landscape forms are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, music fountains are generally suitable for places such as gathering squares. It is an organic combination of music, waterscape and light, giving people the beauty of vision and hearing; at the same time, the fountain and square are integrated, forming a part of the building. The residential building is more suitable for the design around the stream, reflecting the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, giving a soft and relaxed visual feeling, so as to create a comfortable living space.
In the design of fountain, the choice of nozzle is very important. Different types of sprinklers are widely used in Waterscape, resulting in different waterscape forms.
At present, the quality of domestic nozzles varies greatly. Compared with similar foreign products, the problem is not only the appearance, but also the design quality. For example, the nozzle operating parameters provided by the manufacturer are far from the actual operating values. The important requirement of water feature engineering is beautiful water type and stable jet.
However, the jet of most products in our country is either strongly divergent or horizontal scraping, even for the same batch of products, the water quality is also very unstable. In addition to the low precision of small-scale production machinery in China, the fundamental problem is the lack of perfect theory and basis for fountain design.


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