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What are the styles of fountain nozzles?

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Landscape scenery is an indispensable element of garden landscape. China’s classical garden landscape advocates mountains and waters, so the fountain has become an indispensable element of the current landscape design. The form of the fountain is diverse and the fountain installation form is also diverse. Different surrounding buildings will make the fountain design more perfect. The city fountain is generally designed in the city where the teaching is more conspicuous, so pay special attention to the design of the fountain style. The fountain design nozzle is the key, the nozzle is the important part of the fountain design, the nozzle The quality of the fountain directly determines the effect of the fountain. What are the styles of the nozzle design of the fountain?


The fountain is an indispensable important landscape in the city. It can effectively combine the natural landscape with the fountain waterscape. Therefore, the jetting effect of the fountain is very important. The jetting effect of the fountain has an important connection with the nozzle of the fountain. The nozzle of the fountain directly determines The effect of the jet, the fountain design has many different manufacturers, but the quality of different manufacturers is different, so the design of the fountain should pay special attention to the details when designing. The good fountain design company is more sophisticated in every aspect of designing the fountain. Fine research, especially the design of the nozzle will pay more attention to the details, what are the nozzle styles?

Jade-type nozzle, which is a common nozzle type of fountain. Because of its simple features and the simple and beautiful form of the nozzle, the main injection principle is because the low pressure in the nozzle can draw air into the nozzle and then use the internal water flow to form A large pressure difference, the pressure difference can spray water out of the storage tank, and then the effect of water spray, the water column can be adjusted and combined with colorful lighting effects, which will make the jet effect more dazzling, to make the effect even more Hey.

Hoar-type sprinklers, which are a versatile range of sprinklers, are mainly used in most indoor and outdoor fountains, or in the front lobby of hotels. Their main feature is the ability to create huge jetting effects in a short period of time. The jetting effect is majestic,

The spray effect of this type of nozzle is similar to that of cedar spray. The spray resistance of the nozzle is relatively good, so it is widely used outdoors.


 fountain design nozzle

Annular nozzle, this type of nozzle uses the pressure in the physical phenomenon, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the nozzle to spray the water with high pressure in the nozzle from the nozzle, showing a circular jet effect, forming a hollow form of the fountain The effect of this nozzle is more luxurious and can be used in commercial gathering places, and it is very magnificent by the colorful lights.

Dandelion-type sprinklers, as the name suggests, spray the same effect on the dandelion, with a spherical body in the middle. The nozzle is more complicated in design, the structure is relatively fine, the water flow is fine, and the requirement is clean water, because the nozzle It is a combination of small tubes.


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