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Knowledge of Waterscape Fountain in Courtyard Design

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With more and more villas nowadays, many people will decorate their garden into the garden they want. Setting up a fountain in the garden, which matches the style of the house and garden, can not only add a unique landscape to the courtyard in summer, but also bring people a cool and good mood with the rippling sound of water. What style of fountains are generally suitable for gardens? Fountain design and construction will generally advise you how to choose the fountain construction plan.


Fountain design,Fountain

1. Statue fountain

Material: Resin Fiber Fountain
Advantages: Light weight, easy to move, can be placed on the balcony
Suitable: Courtyard with a slight classical flavor
Angel-shaped fountain is suitable for European-style courtyard design setting, using new materials – fiberglass resin, not afraid of thermal expansion and contraction, even in winter, it will not be harmful to leave it outdoors. Compared with heavy stone or metal fountains, lightweight resin fountains do not load the backyard terrace, and can be easily moved. Mimosa, Impatiens and boxwood are planted around the fountain, and the landscape with the focus on the fountain is richer and fuller.


Fountain design,Fountain

2. Classical fountains

Material: Concrete
Advantages: Compared with iron materials, the cost is relatively low.
Suitability: European Courtyard Design Style
Layered fountains of classical sensation are placed in garden courtyards, which can add European palace style to the garden. The murmuring water gushes from the top of the sphere and falls in layers. It not only has a beautiful shape, but also brings pleasant sound enjoyment. The fountain poured with concrete is more natural and elegant when matched with the plain Qinshui brick.

3. Simple fountains
Material: Concrete
Advantages: Rich shape, can match with a variety of courtyard styles
Suitable: Modern or Oriental Courtyard Style
Simple fountain contour is concise, generous, with sprinkler-type diversion outlet, very suitable for modern style courtyard. If bamboo and other plants with Chinese characteristics are planted near the fountain, a simple and generous Oriental courtyard will be created.


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