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What are the characteristics of laser water curtain movies?

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Laser water curtain movie refers to the use of laser projection on the water curtain to play movies and images, consisting of a laser system and a water curtain system. The technology uses a variety of scientific principles such as hydraulics, optics, and acoustics, combined with a three-dimensional, dynamic media produced by a variety of modern scientific systems. Compared with the old-fashioned movie screening mode, its dynamic and realistic art form and versatile and gorgeous presentation mode are widely appreciated by the audience. Today, Neijiang Art Fountain Factory in Sichuan introduces the characteristics of laser water curtain movies.

Laser water curtain movie

Advertising media

With the laser water curtain projection, the media advertisement display is added to it to achieve the advertising promotion function, and it is also a brand-new advertising media display form.

Environment rendering

The laser water curtain is the main equipment to highlight the characteristics of the tourist city. Under the colorful streetscape at night, the main body of the water curtain fountain can form a distinct landmark in the environment. At the same time, by changing different laser animation patterns and colors, it brings visual impact and beautiful enjoyment.

3. Art fusion

Different expressions and artistic expressions are combined to achieve the best display effect. Through the combination of lighting art, fountain art and projection art, the same performance system is formed. Different art display methods are displayed with the same artistic display concept as the core to achieve the best display effect.

Multiple technology performance (sound and photoelectric water fusion)

Taking “sound-photoelectric” and other means of expression as the main body, combining their respective performance characteristics, through the artistic expression form to form a multi-dimensional space. Giving people three-dimensional feelings such as “visual, auditory, and tactile” is the most advanced and complex form of scientific and technological expression.


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