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How can I make the fountain of the square use longer?

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square fountain


With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the improvement and beautification of the living environment.

In the urban construction and planning, everyone puts forward higher demands for the construction of leisure places, and the construction of leisure squares and parks is also More and more beautified, in which the square fountain system has become the main component of urban landscape construction by the joint action of sound, light, water and color. China’s large and medium-sized cities have rushed to build square fountains and carry out to small cities.

Then, for the usual protection of the square fountain, China is still not doing well enough. Here is to explain what needs to be paid attention to in the ordinary protection of the square fountain.


square fountain

1, the training of landscape fountain equipment protection personnel, electrical equipment protection personnel also need to hold a certificate of employment.

2, the protection and repair of electrical equipment should be carried out under the conditions of intercepting the power supply. If the special conditions require live working, it should be                  protected. The main part should be guarded by special personnel.

3, the square fountain underwater lights should be viewed monthly, tighten the loose screws (extraordinary attention to running springs), to prevent the lamp body from entering the water          to form a short circuit fault.

4, the standby equipment should be started at regular intervals (every day, the frequency of use is high, and the frequency of use is low every time) to prevent the performance of the                            equipment from diminishing.

5. The water pump suction port should be cleaned every month to prevent the dirt from blocking the mouthpiece, reducing the work efficiency and even forming equipment damage.

6. The connection of the waterproof cable should be carried out under the condition of no water, and the three layers of protection should be carried out with waterproof tape, spacer tape and          high pressure barrier tape.

7. The fountain submersible pump should discharge the cooling water during the winter stop period to prevent the ice from damaging the pump body. (oil-cooled demand closed valve)

8. Before the fountain is deactivated in winter, the water in the pipeline should be drained to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking.

9. the fountain should be cleaned for half a year. When cleaning, pay attention to the nozzle riser and underwater lanterns to prevent damage.

10. When the diaphragm of the solenoid valve is replaced, the objects falling off the pipe shall be completely dry and cleaned; the screws shall be tightened in the order of diagonal.

11. Underwater light replacement should be carried out under water-free conditions and the bolts should be fastened and sturdy.

12. In order to ensure the beautiful appearance of the fountain, it is necessary to reset the nozzles with varying angles in time, and stop using sharp objects to prevent damage to the nozzles.

13. garden fountain electrical equipment should be regularly protected, half a year to check and repair the electrical vulnerable equipment in the cabinet.

14. The computer will be upgraded every year. Protect your computer and programs.

15. check the aging condition of wires and cables that are not in the water every six months to prevent unnecessary loss.

16. Check the operators of the fountain every six months to strengthen the management.

17. Clean and protect the square fountain pipeline every year.

18. Protect and maintain the shaking structure of the fountain pump every year.



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