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What are the keys to the design and placement of fountains

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Fountain design companies are now welcomed by many people, because we can generally divide them into two categories. One is to imitate the natural landscape construction according to the detailed structure of the site, and the other is to completely design artificial landscape fountains.

Fountain design
Fountain design can also be divided into many different ways and varieties, which can be roughly divided into: ordinary decorative fountain design, fountain design combined with sculpture, water sculpture and self-control fountain design.

Fountain design
Fountain design is different from our installation. Generally, if the place is more open, we will use it to create more regular fountain design. Such fountain design pool must be large, and the fountain is very high, but it does not need to be very rich in lighting. If the place is comparatively slender, then our pool will generally be chosen as a rectangle. And if it is around the modern residence, then the fountain design pool is generally round or rectangular, but do not have a particularly large amount of water, water can be grateful.

When we are choosing the design orientation of fountain and setting up the environment near our fountain, we need to consider the design method and theme of fountain first, and coordinate with our environment. Let’s consider these together and use the environment to design fountain. Foster and foil, to our good environment decoration intentions.


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