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System composition of fountain equipment

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It is mainly composed of water source power machine, water pump, piping system and nozzle. The water source power machine and the water pump are supplemented by pressure regulating and safety equipment to form a sprinkler pumping station. The pipelines and gate valves, safety valves and exhaust valves connected to the pump station constitute a water delivery system. The spraying equipment includes a nozzle or a walking device on the final pipe. The sprinkler irrigation system is divided into the following three categories according to the degree of movement during the sprinkling operation. The fountain company is dedicated to the design and construction of water fountains. The company focuses on the development and promotion of music fountains, square fountains, water curtain movies, water fountains, artificial fog and other technologies. Fountain company professional fountain design and construction enterprise: a professional fountain company integrating fountain design, manufacturing, installation and post-maintenance. Mainly undertake: musical fountains, program-controlled fountains, dry fountains, community and square fountains and other fountain projects.

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Fixed sprinkler irrigation system
Except for the sprinklers, the components are fixed for many years or during the irrigation season. The main pipe and the branch pipe are buried in the ground, and the nozzle is mounted on the standpipe which is taken out by the branch pipe. It is easy to operate, high in efficiency, small in area, and easy to use comprehensively (such as combined with fertilization, spraying pesticides, etc.) and automatic control of irrigation. However, a large amount of pipe is required, and the investment per unit area is high. Suitable for economically cropped areas (such as vegetable growing areas) and high-yielding crop areas.

Semi-fixed sprinkler irrigation system
The sprinkler, water pump and main pipe are fixed, while the branch pipe and sprinkler are movable. The moving method includes manual moving, rolling type, end-drag type driven by tractor or winch, power rolling type, winch type and self-propelled circular and translation type driven by small engine for intermittent movement. The investment is less than that of the fixed sprinkler irrigation system, and the sprinkler irrigation efficiency is higher than that of the mobile sprinkler irrigation system. Often used in field crops.
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1 winch type sprinkler. Water is supplied through the hose from the water supply plug on the main pipe. There are three types: one is to install the cable winch together with the power machine and nozzle for driving the winch on the sprinkler. One end of the cable is fixed on the ground traction sprinkler; the other is the cable winch and its power machine. It is placed on the ground, and the sprinkler with the nozzle is pulled forward by the steel cable; the other is to wind the hose as the water supply branch on the winch, and the winch and the nozzle are mounted on the sprinkler or the skid, and the hose is pulled forward. . The hydraulically driven winch-type sprinkler is a high-pressure water drawn from a dry pipe, which is driven by a water turbine to drive the winch, eliminating the need for a power machine.

2 round sprinklers and translational sprinklers. All of them are multi-tower self-propelled, and the thin-walled metal branch pipes with many nozzles are supported on several tower cars that can be driven automatically. Each tower car has a set of speed regulation, synchronization, safety control and drive system, so that the entire branch pipe system can automatically make a slow linear motion or make a rotary motion around one end under the electric or hydraulic drive. The circular sprinkler (Fig. 1) is supplied by the central pivot. The length of the branch is 60-800 meters, the time of one turn is 8 hours to 7 days, and the control area is 150-3000 acres. The degree of automation is very high. However, the spray area is round, in order to solve the irrigation problem in the four corners of the square block, some are equipped with a corner spray device, that is, an extended spray bar or a long-range spray head is installed at the end of the branch pipe, when turning to the side Automatically turns on when corners. The translational sprinkler is supplied by a hose from a water supply plug on a channel or a fixed main pipe. When water is supplied from the main pipe, the sprinkler should move the hose after walking a certain distance, and then change it to the next water plug, so the degree of automation is low, but no corners are left after sprinkling.

Mobile sprinkler system
In addition to the water source, the power machine, water pump, main pipe, branch pipe and nozzle are all movable, so they can be used alternately in different plots during an irrigation season, which improves equipment utilization and saves investment per unit area, but works. Low efficiency and automation. Among the commonly used types, some are light and small sprinklers equipped with a power machine and a water pump on a trolley or a handrail. The nozzles are mounted on a light tripod and connected to the water pump through a hose; some are mounted on the walking tractor with the water pump and the spray head. The small sprinkler is driven by the power output of the walking tractor; some are double cantilever sprinklers mounted on large and medium tractors. The mobile sprinkler system is suitable for field crops and small plots with low irrigation times.
In addition, self-pressure sprinkler irrigation can also be developed in areas where conditions permit. The utility model has the advantages that the natural drop of water can be utilized, the power machine and the water pump are not needed, the equipment is simple, the operation is convenient, and the use cost is low.


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