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Laser water curtains add color to the city

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The laser water curtain film is not unfamiliar. After the fountain company and the panoramic film, the most prosperous and most refreshing thing is the laser water curtain film. Under the computer’s sequential control, the colorful laser beam is projected onto the water curtain through a color component and a laser projector to show people various extraordinary optical results. The laser water curtain projection signal source is diversified, the source of the demonstration is not limited, and even live broadcast can be done. Laser water curtains can be installed in all kinds of squares and wide water surfaces.

fountain company
The laser water curtain projection display function is excellent, with high information and large capacity, up to 64M pixels, so the image on the water curtain is clear and the brightness is rich. Because the displayed medium is a water curtain, the display also has the result of erratic dreams. When the audience is watching the film, the fan-shaped water curtain blends with the natural night sky. When the character receives the picture, it is like a character flying up to the sky or falling from the sky. A feeling of emptiness and dreams is fascinating. The projection of the laser water curtain is huge and arrogant. Whether in the park, the square or the playground, the laser water curtain projection will be the hottest spot for people.


fountain company

The laser water curtain produced by the fountain company can change the content according to the customer’s request, release the latest audio, and turn the confession of the divergent business. The refined graphic images, playing programs and graphic processing are completely in accordance with the requirements of the users, and can be designed by computer software in advance or in real time. The laser water curtain film confession attracts customers more than traditional confession. It is bright, clear and distant, and the beam can add color to the city’s night sky.


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