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Fountain company to introduce you to the impact of fountain equipment which

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What are the Fountain equipment that affects the fountain water show? Today we will sort it out with you:


Fountain equipment

A, fountain equipment

1, gas explosion fountain

Suitable for large pools or lakes, is a water show performance with a very strong sense of shaking the picture . Often used in the atmosphere is very urgent display. Available computer control, the formation of running springs, jumping springs and other gas-type water type. Is the current fountain equipment in energy-saving products, low maintenance.

2, gas explosion meteor

Simulate the role of meteors across the sky, while through the design combination, water fireworks instead of high pollution, high cost of fireworks, energy saving, and a sense of technology, cool and novel. Gas explosion meteor suitable for outdoor pools and large lake-type fountains, is a new element to increase the atmosphere.

Swinging class.

1, water dance series

Suitable for use in pools, divided into two series of fan-shaped and running fountain. The nozzle can achieve more than the role of mechanical round shaking. Single set of equipment can be performed with the music, showing the characteristics of medium-sized musical fountain; multiple sets of equipment combination, you can carry out a musical fountain performance.

2, two-dimensional swing

Suitable for large pools or lakes, usually controlled by two stepper motor, a platform motor called, for the nozzle to provide a horizontal plane can be forward, reverse rotation platform, on this platform, another stepper motor control nozzle in the vertical plane of the swing action, therefore, can spray water in one direction, with the dynamic universal swing function. Commonly known in the industry as three-dimensional swing nozzle, the direction of movement is not controlled in the sense. This nozzle by the platform motor and swing motor movement for synthesis, together determine the direction of the water from the nozzle.

Fire-breathing category.

Suitable for outdoor large pools or lakes, spraying fire is a new element of the fountain system, the use of water and fire to produce a different performance role, in conjunction with the music, water and fire for the combination of new, strange, special techniques to give the music fountain performance of new life ……

Light and shadow category.

Second, light and shadow imaging

Light and shadow imaging combined with a variety of water type and laser, projection and many other performance elements, each performance elements can be described as a variety of strengths. The whole picture is rich in color, presenting comparative beauty.


Three, lighting


1、LED underwater lights

LED underwater lights is a LED as a light source, composed of red, green, blue mixed color changes in underwater lighting is the choice of fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial as well as artistic lighting. In order to make LED underwater lights better heat dissipation, it is recommended to put the lamps and lanterns below the water surface for use.


Laser show system is the laser beam from the laser in the water curtain nozzle sprayed on the water film, the laser beam by the laser control system programming control, can be issued a variety of patterns and colors, irradiated in the crystal clear water film, the formation of splendid and exotic effect.

3、 Shaking head light

Moving head light is typical of the modern genre of lighting without main light, no fixed scale, can create an indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combined, the light can change the wonderful pattern. Spotlights soft light, its can also be local lighting, to set the atmosphere.




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