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What kinds of fountains are there?

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Ordinary fountains are divided into musical fountains, program-controlled fountains, dryland fountains, running fountains, bright fountains, fun fountains, laser water curtain movies, super-high fountains, etc.

The music fountain is controlled by computer, integrating sound, light and color. The nozzle light is accompanied by elegant music, dreamy ups and downs, cross-growth, forming a colorful and beautiful scene, a warm and joyful water pose. I feel relaxed and happy, and I am reluctant to go back and forth.
The program-controlled fountain is a fountain that changes the water spray shape and the color intensity of the light according to the pre-edited program. It can display the working status and lighting status of each fountain in real time, as well as the fault indication of the pump and the light. The program can be modified at any time or stored. A variety of programs, free to call.
The dryland fountain is further improved on the basis of the water fountain. The surface of the dryland fountain is clean and tidy. The nozzle and the light are placed at the lower end of the cover. When the water is not sprayed, the surface is flat and wide. When spraying water, the water column passes through the cover raft or granite. The hole is sprayed out, which is both a leisure in the square and a fountain.
Running fountains are combined with digital control valves and computer controls, which are an important part of the music fountain. A plurality of first-line nozzles are controlled to spray water in order to form a fountain of various forms of instantaneous water spray. It can form a running shape, and can also form various forms of jumping, fluctuation, etc. The water column runs freely and flexibly, giving people a feeling of cheerfulness and smoothness, and bringing beauty enjoyment.
The bright fountain is a new type of fountain device. The combination of light and nozzle science, the water flow is reflected by the light source, and the water column is transparent and smooth, with high artistic position and ornamental effect. If the number of installations is more than two functions such as chasing, tracking, etc., the program can be compiled according to user needs.
A fountain for people to play and play. It can also be called a play fountain or a water fountain, such as: water fountain, labyrinth fountain, ring-shaped spring, water hammer, dancing fountain, etc., in various forms, entertaining and participation, People enjoy the beauty with a cheerful and smooth feeling.
The water curtain film is mainly composed of a water curtain generator and a projector (player). The water curtain is more than 20 meters wide and 30-50 meters wide. Various VCD discs or water curtain special shadows can be played on the water curtain. The film and television effect is unique, novel and excellent advertising tools, various squares and wide squares. A water curtain movie can be installed on the surface of the water.
The ultra-high fountain generally refers to a fountain with a water spray height of more than 100 meters. It is also often called a 100-meter fountain. The water column jumps from the lake and rises rapidly to a height of 100 meters. From a distance, it looks like a spray from the lake. And the dragon. At the same time, the 100-meter fountain is equipped with lights and lasers, which are magnificent and magnificent.


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