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Fountain design manufacturers should pay attention to what are a few things

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Fountain design manufacturers create a fountain is not only an independent work of art in itself, but also can increase the humidity of the air in the local space, reduce dust and greatly increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air, so it is also conducive to improving the environment and enhancing people’s physical and mental health.


Fountain design manufacturers


The location of fountains in different environments

Open sites, such as cars, park entrances, etc., the fountain pool more than choose the overall form, the pool should be large, the water column should be high, the light is not too gorgeous; narrow sites, such as street turns, etc., the fountain pool more rectangular.

Traditional style of garden, fountain pool more natural type of water spray, can be made into a plunge, gushing springs, etc., to show the natural water state; lively places, such as some small parts of the park, fountain form free, can be combined with a variety of sculptures and other decorative objects, the general change should not be too large.

The height and diameter of the water column

Fountain design manufacturers according to the physiological characteristics of the human eye vision, for fountains, sculptures, flower beds and other scenery, the vertical perspective at about 30 degrees, the horizontal perspective in the range of 45 degrees has a good view. The fountain’s appropriate sight distance is 3.3 times the height of the water jet. Of course, you can also use the method of shortening the sight distance, resulting in the effect of looking up.

Pool radius and fountain nozzle height should be a certain ratio, the general pool radius of 1.5 times the height of the fountain, such as the radius is too small, the water droplets are easy to splash. In order to make the spray lines obvious, the background is appropriate to use dark scenery.


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