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How to construct the square fountain more beautiful

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Fountain, so that static water into moving water, so that the water also has a soul, and supplemented by a variety of lighting effects, so that the water has a colorful form, can buffer, soften the city “solidified buildings” and hard ground, to increase the vitality of the urban environment, beneficial to physical and mental health and can meet the needs of the visual arts.

Square fountain

Large city square in the artificial dynamic fountain, but also more from the natural variety of water, such as waterfalls, waterfalls, curtains, overflows, streams, wall springs, etc., with the development of science and technology progress, a variety of fountains are really new, endless, almost to the extent that people create a variety of crystal clear, gorgeous dynamic square fountain at will. Fountain in this day and age, has formed a unique human landscape.

In recent years, the city built square fountain, most of them are abandoned, there is no live water, fountain does not spray, the water color is black, smelly and other problems. In some residential projects, the square fountain is used more as a means of value-added and promotion, its design and construction did not consider the long-term, thus laying a lot of hidden problems. To aesthetic instead of design purposes is one of the reasons for the failure of the square fountain, the following talk about how to retain the beauty of the square fountain.

First, in the conception of the square fountain, to maintain water quality as the main basis for the design. Very simple, once the square fountain pollution, will immediately lose the landscape value. In the design of the water quality must be considered to maintain and drainage of special equipment.

Second, the design of the water system can not be separated from the word safety at all times. For example, the power in the water, lighting power supply safety, paving surface anti-slip and fall, the speed of the jet, noise, etc., all need to think carefully to solve.

Third, we must have the idea of management and maintenance services. Square fountain to maintain the key is the management, only the management in place to ultimately reflect the effect of the square fountain.

Fourth, the design of the square fountain according to local conditions. Water is inseparable from the container, so the design of the square fountain is not isolated, its formation is a certain condition, inseparable from the environment of its existence.

Fifth, the design of the square fountain in line with ecological requirements. The idea of ecology into each square fountain design, even if there are projects with a large artificial component, it is not easy to see the ecological effect, the designer must also have this concept. For example, water, rainwater, cooling water collection and use, the use of fountains to increase oxygen, spraying to produce negative ions, the use of water circulation flow structure water, turbulence and other landscapes, all beautiful and ecological practices.

Sixth, the unity of the art of garden architecture and water science. Square fountain view is a comprehensive engineering science, especially inseparable from the hydraulic, hydrological, water treatment and other scientific knowledge, from water quality, to the design of a nozzle, a waterfall surface to complete, all penetrate the profound professional theory.

Seven, to have a sense of water conservation. Each square fountain project must have water conservation measures, designers should consider: whether this project requires such a large water surface, how to solve the water source, how to use recycled water and other content.

A city’s square fountain are very gorgeous and colorful, a variety of fountains square fountain, so that people stop to appreciate the beauty of this, square fountain is now more and more people to build, for the beauty of the city, environmental protection, which is very necessary. At the same time, we are absolutely inseparable from the fountain pump, if you want to know more information, please pay attention to our news information, to understand the knowledge you want information.


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