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What to pay attention to during the installation of the fountain company

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Fountains are an indispensable natural landscape in modern cities, adding color and a finishing touch to the city. Fountains not only serve as a decorative item, but also make the city more colorful and attention-grabbing, and can effectively improve the appearance of the city and the environment. Many cities have large and small forms of fountains, the development of contemporary science and technology, so that the design and construction of fountains, as well as manufacturing and equipment installation process continues to develop and improve. Therefore, Fountain company throughout the fountain design and installation process need to understand more and more matters, to fully understand the design points, so as to effectively avoid mistakes, thereby improving efficiency.


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First of all, to be familiar with and understand the design drawings, the design drawings of the installation of a full understanding of the way, but also to master the implementation of the project site, the design drawings can be a general analysis and understanding, to be able to know the design techniques used, to understand the designer’s design intentions, but also to investigate the design of the construction address, to understand the local geographic location or topography allows the construction of fountains, suitable for How large the size of the fountain, their own fountain style should be how to choose and so on to do a detailed understanding. At the construction site, to basically grasp the conditions that can be used to remove what is not needed.

Second, the entire fountain design and construction, according to the detailed requirements of the project, reasonable planning of the project budget, for the selection of the construction side of the project to pay attention to, choose a formal construction qualification of the construction company, for the contract to be prepared in advance, the development of the project plan, the development of fountain project specifications, the development of management terms, for some of the difficulties encountered in the project, to do a good job of detailed planning, do a good job of safety measures plan work.

Third, to do a good job of preparation, the temporary facilities to make adequate working arrangements, for the need to use a variety of materials to choose the type of material, the quality of materials, etc.. Do a good job of understanding, to ensure the quality and safety of construction materials, for construction materials outside the construction to do a good job of registration and acceptance, for the construction progress to do a good job of understanding, reasonable procedures, good records of material use. Fountain company before construction to do a good job of construction time arrangements, make arrangements for personnel.

Fourth, the construction of the fountain back to the water tank

Return tank is an important part of the fountain design and construction, the normal work of the return tank to ensure that the fountain can operate normally, the design and construction process of the return tank to master the design height of the return tank, the return tank design materials, to ensure quality. Select the quality of safe and reliable materials, back to the pumpability of the tank is also important, good pumpability can effectively check the water calibration point to ensure that the water can be recycled. Back to the water tank to do a good job of water recycling, effective protection of water resources.


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