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Selection of Laser in Laser Fountain Installation

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For the choice of laser in the installation of laser fountain, the following factors should be considered in selecting laser:

laser fountain
1. Color and Power
For the same power laser, the green laser is brighter than the red laser, and different lasers produce different colors. Therefore, different colors of laser can be used in specific occasions to achieve different effects.
Laser with large stereo divergence angle can be used as approximate parallel light. The larger the divergence angle is, the larger the spot produced by laser is after the same space distance.
2. Security
(1) Cut-off device: When the laser performer fails, it must be cut off immediately so as not to let the laser beam hit the audience.
(2) Warning signs: Warning signs should be set up to warn visitors away from laser sources.
(3) Shutter settings: The shutter is used to turn off the laser beam, usually between the laser and the optical console. It prevents the laser from reaching the performer or other equipment.
(4) The best ratio of performance to price
The choice of laser needs to consider the different sensitivity of human eyes to different colors. The laser with the best performance-price ratio and the same output power has different brightness. For example, the laser emitted by solid-state laser is equivalent to 0.9W brightness, and the argon ion laser has only phase. When the brightness is 0.38w, the krypton ion laser has a brightness less than 0.1w, while the white laser has a brightness equal to 0.31w.


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