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What are the types of fountain waterscape in Fountain Company?

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Ultra-high fountain   Ultra-high fountain generally refers to a fountain with a height of more than 100 meters, which is also often called the 100-meter fountain. The water column springs up from the lake and rises rapidly to a height of 100 meters. From a distance, it looks like a giant dragon spraying thin from the lake. At the same time, the 100-meter fountain is equipped with lights and lasers, which is magnificent.

Swaying series      Swing Series sprinklers are mounted on brackets with multiple rows of sprinklers. Each row of sprinklers has the same spacing. The angle of the sprinkler is swing freely by a pull rod. Underwater motor and power box are dragged under the water surface to make each row of sprinklers swing freely. Its structure first swing flexible and unique technology is indispensable to music fountains. Swing Series are complete sets of equipment, and users are very convenient to use.

Swing series include round swing, rolling, vertical swing, tilting, gull swing, eight-character swing and other swing modes. Material of nozzle: cast copper or stainless steel.

Sculpture fountain: The combination of sculpture and fountain makes the fountain more perfect, rich and colorful, static dynamic coordination, reflecting the vitality of the fountain, and greatly improves the entertainment and interest of people to watch. The role of sculpture in urban beautification should be self-evident. Their existence creates a special atmosphere of nature and man-made space. This is a sculpture in the space of the unique artistic and infectious force, which gives people spiritual enjoyment of the art world. It is one of the joys of life that people can rest and refresh themselves and regulate the frequency of life in such a natural and artistic space.

Fun fountains     Fun fountains are also called recreational fountains or water fountains, such as water tapping fountains, circular jumping fountains, chasing fountains, dancing fountains, water flying, stacking fountains, shouting fountains, gun fountains, mine fountains, water cannons, bullet springs, rainbow ferry, water mist fountains, wind water balloons, etc. They are of various forms and have strong entertainment. And they are generally built in amusement parks or parks.

Cold fog series    Cold fog series are light dry fog with unique charm, gently stretching their charming. Sometimes they are vast; sometimes they are winding away; sometimes they are towering like clouds; sometimes they are low lingering, making the air pure and humid. And they are unpredictable, revealing a burst of sorrowful feelings to people, like the paradise of the world,  dreamily, creating a dreamy feeling of emptiness, which adds a bit of beauty and mystery. Dry fog seems to be able to wash people in the hustle and bustle of the city temporarily, relieve the anxiety of the mind, but also fully reflects the close relationship between man and nature. The application of the foggy equipment has shaped the unique shape and charm of the fog. The slightly thick fog masks the natural accumulation of stone shape, which removes the artificial taste of the area due to more stones and fewer trees, softening the natural scenery. The faint fog embossed the flowing stream of the rock, the shade of the trees, the water of small bridges, and the hazy sense of natural mood.

Stage fountain: The stage fountain control system is mostly program-controlled or real-time voice control. Accompanied by beautiful melody, the water scene is synchronized with the dance and the singing voice, which makes the water, sound, light and color on the scene perfectly combined and expressive.

Miniature Fountain    The water level of the desktop micro-fountain can be adjusted according to user needs. The negative ions generated during its work have the functions of purifying the air and beautifying the environment. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact body, good brightness and convenient. It is an ideal product for home decoration and office space. Other waterscape applications: comprehensive waterscape projects of various types of communities: creek running water, waterfall falling water, artificial lake.


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