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Musical fountain planning requirements and attention to detail

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Large musical fountain planning can be divided into the following two categories: tailored costumes, according to the site potential structure, large musical fountain planning manufacturers to imitate the natural water features, such as wall springs, fog springs, pipe flow, waterfalls, water curtains, falling water, water waves, rotating nest, etc.

Musical fountain

Rely entirely on fountain equipment artificial landscape. There are musical fountain, program-controlled fountain, swinging fountain, running fountain, bright fountain, leisure fountain, ultra-high fountain, laser water curtain movie, etc. Open place to choose a formal fountain pool, the pool should be large, the water spray should be high, the light is not too rich. Street corner, building in front of the slender place, the pool is mostly rectangular.

Music fountain planning requirements: pipeline installation should be cleaned before the pipeline, the main pipe should be horizontal, lifting pipe should be straight and fixed main pipeline, pipeline in the brush to remove rust paint before the rust and welding slag should be removed, the pump device should be strong and stable. Lighting equipment: positioning of lamps and lanterns, making lamps and lanterns clamps and fixing lamps and lanterns.

Cable laying and waterproof connection: According to this rule, the cables of pumps and lamps are wired according to the rule, according to the criteria of reducing underwater joints, cable connection (heat shrinkable tube waterproof), cable assembly through the cable pipe, cable near the horn seal, pump and lamp line, etc. The cables are laid through the cable trench to the control room and the cable bridge into the distribution cabinet.


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