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The music-programmed fountain is a movable invented for entertainment and appreciation

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The music-controlled fountain is a movable fountain invented for entertainment and appreciation. It is designed according to aesthetics and often produces 3D effects. This effect is caused by sound or light waves passing through water particles. The core equipment of the music program-controlled fountain control system is the programmable controller, analog input and output module, frequency converter and so on. The use of physical waveform files can be divided into several parts, 10 MS accuracy, basic functions and automatic recognition of emotional shock, lyricism, happiness, cheerfulness and other music, to a control signal, and output to after a synchronization process through the signal output card A specific peripheral control unit, visual and auditory perception.



music-controlled fountain


How to control the music-controlled fountain? The control is divided into two parts: one is the fixed program operation, and the other is the music control part. Music control part: When you need to use it, press this button to simulate the input and output module to capture and playback audio intensity music, A / D conversion, comparison operation, and output the result to the analog input port converter to control the frequency conversion The output frequency of the device can control the speed of the pump to achieve the purpose of controlling the height of the fountain. In practical applications, attention should be paid to the characteristics of various nozzles. Generally, the water resistance of the water film nozzle is poor, so it is not suitable for outdoor wind use. The sprayers such as cedar springs are more sensitive to changes in water level changes. Not only should the water level change be noticed, but also the waves should be suppressed in the corresponding pool design measures. For example, build a longer weir or underwater wall.

However, it is also conducive to the resonance of waves, hydraulic phenomena, the formation of pulsating fountains, and ordinary wave surges, which make water jets jump regularly, and change in high and low. At present, there are many high-tech fountain equipment, which can also be used for water art landscapes. The bright spring and the spring’s jumping jet are very stable, looking like a glass rod, which can accurately fall under water; the jumping spring can be controlled by the change of the length of the water jet generated by the computer; the jumping can smooth the control of the size of the fountain water ball . They are very interesting and unforgettable. Various high-tech nozzles and underwater motion machines and control parts used in large-scale music nozzles and underwater music fountains also have a wide style and wide availability.

In our opinion, the suitable water depth is 0.2 ~ 0.4m. Another benefit is that when the water turbidity is slightly higher, the impression is still clear. The top wall of the pool wall should be provided for tourists to sit and rest. The top of the pool wall is 0.30 to 0.45 meters above the ground. Except for the artificial lake, the surface of the water should be higher than the ground. If the water level is low, it will feel like a deep pool. From a hydrophilic point of view, the more appropriate scale is the water surface, and the top wall of the pool is 0.2 meters, which is more reasonable.


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