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Waterscape fountain reasonable planning

Publish Time:2021/09/26 News Number of views:821

Waterscape fountain water system design can not be separated from the word safety at all times. Some of our cities near the water landscape platform has caused lawsuits due to drowning accidents.

Waterscape fountain

Planning and design of artificial water fountains, such as not pay attention to safety, there are also a variety of hidden dangers. For example, the water power, lighting power supply safety, paving surface anti-slip fall prevention, etc., all need to think seriously to solve. There are also some potential hazards, such as bad water contact, floating objects on the human body and environmental pollution, etc., in the design should also be taken into account.


In the conception of the Waterscape fountain, to maintain water quality as the main basis for design. The reason is easy to understand, because again good once the pollution, will immediately lose its landscape value. In the design, such as not considering how to maintain water quality or think that the design of water fountains is just a matter of drainage professional selection of equipment, easy to cause design failure, waste of equipment. There are various ways to maintain water quality, the most fundamental is the water body planning reasonable.


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