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What are the construction methods of Chengdu fountain project

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With the upgrading and development of the city and people’s higher and higher requirements for the environment, the design and application of Chengdu fountain project is more and more widely. In modern environmental landscape planning, adding fountains to landmark squares, buildings, parks, living areas, leisure areas, commercial areas and tourist areas has become an important element that must be considered. What are the methods for the construction of Chengdu fountain project?


Chengdu fountain project

(1) Before getting familiar with the design drawings and mastering the current situation of the construction site, we should first have an overall analysis and understanding of the design drawings of Chengdu fountain project, understand its design intention, master the design techniques, carry out the construction site investigation on this basis, and have an overall grasp of the site conditions of Chengdu fountain project, which conditions can be fully utilized and which must be removed.
(2) According to the specific requirements of the project, to do a good job of Chengdu fountain project affairs is to prepare the construction budget, implement the contract of Chengdu fountain project, prepare the construction plan, draw the construction chart, formulate the construction specifications, safety measures, technical responsibility system and management regulations, etc.
(3) Preparation
① Arrange all kinds of temporary facilities, staff living and office space, etc. The warehouse is set up according to the demand to minimize the investment of temporary facilities.
② Organize materials, machines and tools to enter the site. All construction materials, machines and tools shall be checked and registered by special personnel. The construction progress shall be well done. The material purchase plan shall be made. When entering and leaving the warehouse, the procedures shall be fulfilled, the records shall be carefully made, and the specifications and quality of materials shall be guaranteed.
③ Do a good job in labor service deployment. The labor force should be reasonably organized according to the actual construction mode and schedule, especially when parallel construction or cross construction is adopted, more attention should be paid to labor allocation to avoid idling and waste.
(4) Construction method of return channel
① Check permanent bench mark, lay temporary bench mark and check elevation.
② Measure the center pile of the water tank, the original ground elevation of the pipeline, the side line of the excavation, the soil piling, the material piling boundary and the scope of the temporary land.
③ When excavating the trench of Chengdu fountain project, the elevation of trench bottom shall be strictly controlled, and no over excavation shall be allowed. The elevation of trench bottom can be increased by 10cm compared with the design elevation, and the reserved part shall be made. Finally, the trench bottom shall be cleared manually, so as to prevent the disturbance of trench bottom from affecting the quality of Chengdu fountain project. The earthwork excavated in the trench shall be stacked 1.0 m away from the edge of the trench. Support measures shall be adopted in the soft and dangerous section to prevent the trench from collapse.
④ The plain soil at the bottom of the trench shall be compacted, and the four sides of the trench shall be built with mu5.0 rubble M5 cement mortar


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