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What should I pay attention to when designing a musical fountain?

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What should I pay attention to when designing a musical fountain? When designing a music fountain, you need to pay attention to many places. Music fountains are often displayed at night, because at night, with the lighting effect, the scenery presented is more ornamental and can attract more people to watch. In addition, the fountain has a good effect on improving the city appearance. Jiayue Fountain Company is committed to music fountain design-construction waterscape enterprise. The company focuses on the development and promotion of music fountain-square fountain-water curtain film-water fountain-artificial fog and other technologies. Fountain Company is a professional fountain design, construction and manufacturing enterprise: a professional fountain company integrating fountain design, manufacturing, installation and later maintenance. Mainly undertake: all kinds of fountain projects such as music fountain-programmed fountain-dry fountain-community and square fountain.



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First, when designing a musical fountain, you must make a preliminary plan and conduct a detailed investigation of the place where the fountain will be built. Not only must you fully understand the surrounding environment, but also need to understand the local cultural background, economic development and Enough understanding of natural climatic conditions. In addition, it is necessary to select the appropriate water type and lighting settings according to the location of the fountain.

Second, the music fountain not only needs to pay attention to the choice of music, but also needs to make the water type and music can be perfectly combined, so it is necessary to design the height of the water type, the brightness of the light and the color to make the entire music fountain look more three-dimensional It is more able to highlight the theme. In different cities and different places, the selected fountain theme is different. When designing, you must ensure that the theme can be well highlighted. Such a fountain design is successful.

Third, after the design plan of the music fountain is formulated, it is not a good thing to do, but also need to pay attention to the specific construction. The choice of fountain equipment and the design and installation of electrical pipelines need to be combined with the actual situation. If problems arise, not only must be resolved, but also need to be understood and modified, and it is good to carry out construction according to the design plan to the greatest extent.


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