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Fountain manufacturers to introduce you to the design of musical fountains focus

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Fountain manufacturers fountain water type design and selection in addition to consider the beauty of the performance of music, but also consider the effect as a water feature, so the control of the settings have different functions.


Fountain manufacturers


First, manual control.

During the day or night between musical performances, click the mouse to independently open some water type, forming a combination of fixed shape. Save electricity, usually most commonly used.

Second, the program control.

If you want to have different combinations of modeling changes, you can open the degree function, so that the water type according to the set program changes, there are different shapes, so that people feel the beauty of different scenery.

Third, real-time sound control.

For the vast majority of domestic fountain companies commonly used in a control method, it is characterized by the response to any audio signal, live karaoke, etc., but this control method has some shortcomings.

First, the water type action to lag behind the music, so that people feel the fountain action and music is not coordinated.
Secondly, the combination of the appearance of the water type and the appearance of the length of time, for a fixed repetition and regardless of any track, so there will be a performance of the water type and the emotions expressed in the music inconsistent. Such as exciting notes, may appear swinging water type, and soft melody, and the appearance of tall water body, so that people’s auditory perception and visual perception inconsistent.
Third, the emotional paragraph of the music and water type change time does not match, and a thousand pieces.
Fourth, the pre-programmed control mode.

Fountain manufacturers are based on the emotion and mood of a particular piece of music, artificially compile a variety of water type, action, lighting, pump on and off, so that the performance of the fountain with the emotion and mood of the music. This function has a certain integrated difficulty in control technology, computer technology, communication technology.


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