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Four taboos on indoor fountains of music fountains company

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1. Choice of indoor fountain style

indoor fountains
On the choice of installation style of indoor fountain, the decoration style of indoor fountain should be in harmony with the indoor environment and the style of indoor decoration. The style should not differ too much. Otherwise, the purpose of indoor fountain installation is to add color to indoor decoration, so the fountain should have enough characteristics to attract people. People’s eyes, and indoor decoration style complement each other, so that fountain more natural coordination, fountain decoration style will be better, can more render the indoor mood.

2 Main forms of indoor fountains

Different styles of fountain feel experience and visual experience are different, indoor fountain common ways are fountain form, fountain style, running water style, still water style, waterfall style and falling water fountain style, different styles are different, according to the desired style, the desired indoor atmosphere, choose. Choose the style suitable for your own interior.

3. Geomantic Taboos of Indoor Fountains

Chinese architecture always pays attention to geomantic omen. Through geomantic omen design and decoration, the overall situation can be changed. Water represents financial omen in geomantic omen. Indoor gathering water also means gathering financial omen. When water meets, indoor installation of fountain design can change the situation at home. So indoor fountain can change one. Decoration of fortune.
4. Placement of indoor fountains

indoor fountains
Indoor fountains are mainly installed in large indoor shopping malls, as well as families. The indoor fountains in families are mainly protected from being placed in the study or living room. The living room is the main choice. Installing small indoor fountains can make the room more dynamic and add dynamic beauty to the living room. Indoor fountain has become the main choice of interior decoration. Indoor fountain makes interior decoration more natural, vivid and dynamic.

The above four points are the style and form of music fountain company design, as well as geomancy placement. You can refer to the above for a detailed introduction.


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