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What are the elements of plaza fountain design

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 Square fountain is a water or other liquid through a certain pressure through the nozzle sprayed with a specific shape of the combination. Now the fountain is generally completely dependent on the fountain equipment artificial scenery fountain. Mainly through the inverter control to achieve rhythmic rhythm, music fountain in the water shape is rich in change, with the lights to give a real intuitive sense of beauty. Music fountain in a variety of sway can make people feel the fountain of flexible beauty. Radial sway is produced by the water surface under the swaying mechanism, so that the water features beautiful and moving, pleasing to the eye, giving people a magical feeling, is the performance of high-tech development of the times.

Square fountain


1、Main scenery and supporting scenery

A variety of artistic creation, first determine the theme, subtopic, focus, general, the main character, supporting role, the main scene, supporting scenes and other relationships. Therefore, the layout of the garden, first determine the premise of the topic idea, consider the main artistic image, that is, consider the main landscape of the garden. The main scenery can be enhanced by the secondary scenery of the supporting scenery, accompanying, backdrop.

2. Contrast and harmony

Contrast and harmony, is the layout of the use of unity and change in the basic laws, the specific performance of the image of things. The use of sudden changes in the scene, in order to produce the effect of arousing excitement. Reconciliation techniques, mainly through the layout of the form, gardening materials and other aspects of unity and coordination to show.

In garden design, the technique of knotting is mainly applied to spatial contrast, contrast between sparse and dense, contrast between real and imaginary, contrast between hidden and exposed, contrast between high and low, contrast between straight and curved, etc. The main scenery and supporting scenery itself is “primary and secondary contrast” a form of contrast expression.

3. Rhythm and rhythm

In the garden layout, often make the same scenery repeated, so the same scenery repeated and layout, is the application of rhythm and rhyme in the garden. Rhythm can be divided into continuous rhythm, gradual rhythm, staggered rhythm, rise and fall rhythm and other processing methods.

4.Square fountain balance and stability.

In the garden layout are divided into static are relying on the dynamic potential to seek balance, or called the balance of the proposed symmetry. Symmetrical equilibrium for the static equilibrium, generally on both sides of the main axis scenery with equal distance, volume, form composition equilibrium that and gas equilibrium. To be symmetrical equilibrium, is the main axis is not in the center line, both sides of the scene in the shape, size, and distance from the main axis are not equal, but the two scenes and in a dynamic equilibrium.



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