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Music Fountain Appreciation

Publish Time:2019/04/11 News Number of views:929

The fountain is a flowing art, and the beautiful fountain gives people unlimited enjoyment. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standard, the requirement of landscape design has been raised. In modern urban landscape design, water is an indispensable part, and fountain is one of the most important scenic spots, so whether it is in park design, in urban planning or community design, the design and application of fountain is very important.

The music fountain is a program-controlled fountain based on the music control system. The computer decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI signals, and finally outputs the signal to the control system to make the shape and lighting of the fountain and music keep in sync, so as to achieve the perfect combination of the fountain water-type, light and color changes and music mood, making fountain performance more vivid and rich. Music Fountain can vary according to the level of music. Users can write their favorite music programs in the editing interface. Play system can achieve the unified music, water and lighting atmosphere, and play synchronously.


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