Design points that should be noted in the design of musical fountains
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Design points that should be noted in the design of musical fountains

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Nowadays, the development of science and technology is getting faster and faster. There are all kinds of fountains with different styles and shapes, which not only adds a touch of vividness to urban construction but also meets people’s viewing requirements. There are various fountains such as waterfalls, water curtains, streams, and musical fountains. The sound of water makes people feel comfortable and relaxes their body and mind under the pressure of fast-paced life. What are the main points to note in the design of the fountain?


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First, the design should take advantage of the existing water resources

If you want to design and install the fountain’s landscape or garden square near the original water resources of the city, and the water resources are pure and non-polluting, so when planning and construction of the fountain, you must consider the advantages of the original water resources to design and install the fountain address, so that it can be fully The utilization of water resources, the recycling of water resources, can be more convenient to design and construction methods, the use of water resources is more convenient.

Second, the fountain design also has its own characteristics

The fountain design must be creative. In the city or garden, the fountain design must have its own city characteristics. The design and construction should be based on its own city style. In the fountain design, it should combine the geographical characteristics of the city and the local natural landscape. Design Different styles, different types of fountain landscape, it is important to be different, do not imitate the design of other fountains, and lose their own city style, so it can not show their own city style.

Third, the water in the fountain water feature must be fluid

The fountain landscape needs to have the flow of water. Spraying in the flow of water makes the spring more dynamic and beautiful. In the hot summer, the flow of water makes the surrounding environment more refreshing. It is a good place to cool off the summer and the summer. Fountain landscape and urban gardens are more With good integration, the landscape features are more prominent, giving people a dynamic beauty.

Fourth, the fountain should focus on humanity

As a natural and human landscape, the fountain is mainly installed in places such as squares and parks for people’s leisure and entertainment. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to humanity, so that people can get closer to the water and get closer to the water to improve the humanity of the landscape.

Fifth, the fountain design should be colorful

As an important cultural landscape of the city, the fountain should have a sense of change and hierarchy when designing, giving people a colorful and colorful feeling. The design should pay attention to the visual appreciation of people, avoid using the same hose and adjusting lines, and pay attention to the water. The richness of the belt, the novel design of the fountain, the form of the fountain is enriched through the water curtain, and the appreciation of the fountain landscape is improved through the sense of different layers.

The main points of design that should be noted in the design of musical fountains are the above five points. The use of water resources, the display of the characteristics of the design, the ornamental, etc. all need to be noted. For more introductions, refer to the above for understanding.