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The music fountain is deeply loved by the general public

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The music fountain improves the microclimate of the residential area, which is because the water landscape increases the comfort of the living environment. Let people feel the atmosphere of returning to nature. The organic combination of fountain water landscape, rural square and residential area construction has become a highlight of the city and an important part of spiritual civilization construction, which is deeply loved by the general public.



music fountain



Many fountain landscape water bodies in China have different degrees of water quality deterioration, especially the accumulation of organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances in the water body will promote the rapid propagation of algae, while the propagation and growth of algae will consume oxygen in the water body, making the water eutrophication. The reason for eutrophication is that the landscape water body is not equipped with water treatment facilities, while a considerable part of the fountain water feature project is not equipped with water treatment equipment for the purpose of saving investment by the construction unit, so it can not meet the water quality specifications of class III and class IV landscape water stipulated in the regulations. Although these projects beautify the environment as a whole, they also pollute the environment.


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