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Those creative fountains

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In general, in our minds, the fountain is sprayed from the ground, such as our park, the outdoor view of the hotel entrance. If you think that the fountain is taking water outside, it is too simple. With the artist’s design, the fountain can be presented in a variety of ways to break through the imagination. Let the fountain design company share some creative fountains with you.

London, United Kingdom – the Big Giving Fountain. The fountain, made by artist Klaus Weber, was named “The Big Giving” and was exhibited on the south bank of central London from 2006-2007. The six sculptures are all made of stone and industrial waste. The sculptures are carved into vomiting, sweating, crying, urinating and spitting. This may be why its exhibition time is so limited.

Austria, Wattens, Swarovski Crystal World Entrance – Giant Fountain. Swarovski Kristallwelten is a museum located in the Austrian town of Wattens. The museum was built in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Austrian crystal company Swarovski. The front end of the Swarovski Crystal World entrance is the head of a giant covered with green grass, and the fountain is inlaid in the mouth.

Italy, Florence – Rain Man. Rainman (L’Uomo della Pioggia) was created by artist Jean Michel Folon. It was put into use shortly before the opening of the Florence Social Forum, held on November 6-9, 2002. The sculpture of the entire bronze man is more than 3 meters high, and the water flow is sprayed from the high point of the sculpture, which just constitutes an umbrella that is held in the hand.

Thailand, the ancient city – Guanyin Bodhisattva fountain. This spectacular and magnificent fountain is located in a park in Thailand named 1963, called Ancient Siam. The park is known as the world’s largest outdoor museum. The focal point of this fountain is that the Guanyin Bodhisattva and the dragon’s sculptures use the vivid colors of the sculptures to create a splash of water.

United States, Colorado – Jane Penrose fountain sculpture fountain. Julie Penrose Fountain, USA. At the height of the four-story building, you can easily see this sculpture as you stroll through Colorado Springs. This huge fountain has a silver ring made of steel. Julie Penrose installed 366 water jets in the loop, rotating one revolution every 15 minutes. The water flows in the circle, which pours down through the ejector to form a water curtain.

United States, New York – Globe Fountain. The 140-foot-tall, 700,000-pound globe was built for the 1964–65 World Expo, a globe fountain that can shoot a 20-foot water spring, and the fountain design company wanted it to look like it was floating in the sky.

France, Paris – Stravinsky Fountain. The Stravinsky Fountain (French La Fontaine Stravinsky) is a whimsical public fountain made up of 16 water-jet sculptures representing the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. Created in 1983 by sculptors Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle, this group of fountains is located on Stravinsky Square next to the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


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