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Fountain manufacturers introduce you to the use and production of stone sculpture fountains

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The stone fountain can also be called water enamel, water bowl or stone fountain. The size can be customized according to the design requirements, and the styles are rich and diverse. The water bowl not only has the characteristics of hard, wear-resistant, and heavy-weight natural stone, it is even more rare that its surface texture and strong plasticity and expressive power can make it show a variety of different artistic styles. Its natural decorative effects and artistic connotations in architecture and decorative spaces are unmatched by other decorative materials. The artistic texture is more natural and simple, truly healthy and environmentally friendly, adding the finishing touch to your luxurious home villas, gardens, entertainment venues, hotels and environmental art.

Stone fountain

Common materials for stone fountains

1. Sandstone water bowl: simple and elegant, with natural stone, the texture is hard, wear-resistant, and very heavy. What is more rare is its surface texture and strong plasticity and expressiveness, bringing exquisite texture and nobleness A sense of vision, perfectly showing today’s fashion elements;

2. Yellow embroidered stone water bowl: The background color of this product is yellow, the stone is hard, and the color is uniform;

3. Granite water bowl: The granite has uniform structure, hard texture and beautiful color;

4. Marble water bowl: The marble slabs are colorful, with various tones and different patterns. This is the precious charm of marble slabs. Basically the same color tone, small color difference, and beautiful patterns are the specific manifestations of good varieties.

The water bowl with the characteristics of garden landscape, it is a sculpture artwork that is completed by using modern craftsmanship and modern materials through clay molding, turning molds, and then production and finishing. It has the hardness of natural stone, is waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-radioactive. Its strong surface texture is like weathered natural granite; the simple and natural color has subtle light and shade changes; it is solemn, elegant, and unique. The shapes of water bowls are diversified. There are animal-carved water bowls and figures-carved water bowls. They are round, semi-circular, square, polygonal, etc. The facade can be divided into single layer, multiple layers, etc. The design is based on the environmental characteristics of the application site.


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