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Control Classification of Music Fountain

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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the environment are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, music fountains can be seen everywhere. Many residential areas and gardens have installed music fountains as ornaments in order to meet people’s requirements. In fact, music fountains are not only used as landscapes for people to watch, but also very helpful to improve the environment. In the specific situation, you can click on the role of music fountains in real life to see this article. Of course, today’s editors mainly want to share with you the music fountain, we need to pay attention to what aspects of the problem.


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  1. Don’t stand in a mossy place while enjoying music fountains.

Generally speaking, the ground with music fountains is relatively wet and suitable for the growth of fountains. In summer, people can easily slip on it barefoot. Pipeline lines at the bottom of the fountain pool and some debris that are not cleaned in time will cause secondary injury to human body. At the same time, landscape water is mostly recycled water after the purification of rainwater or sewage. The water quality is generally unsatisfactory. Frequent contact with immersion can easily infect bacteria and fungi, causing skin problems.

  1. When appreciating music fountains, attention should be paid to the problems of circuit.

Regular music fountain wiring method should be buried in the ground, but in order to facilitate maintenance, most fountain wires are long-term soaked in water. In addition, due to the cost of regular maintenance and maintenance, many music fountains are in the state of “no one built pipe”, once the waterproof and leakage protection device of the wire problems, click events will trigger. Here we recommend a regional music fountain company, which has been established for more than 20 years, focusing on the design, construction and later maintenance of the music fountain. Users in need can learn about it.

  1. When enjoying the music fountain, we should pay attention not to touch it with our hands.


music fountains

In this regard, I would like to emphasize that there have been a lot of news before. Many children touched the music fountain with their hands and it was washed away. An experiment was conducted by an expert to solve this problem. The experiment shows that when the music fountain starts, the water flow is fast, the outlet is small and the pressure is strong enough to make it powerful. An adult was pushed into the air for two or three meters. At the same time, because the landscape music fountain water potential is changeable, high and low fluctuations, if people are uppermost by the fountain, it is difficult to find the center of gravity to maintain balance, when falling, if the control is not good, head and neck first landing, the consequences will be unimaginable.

These are the three points that we should pay attention to when we appreciate the music fountain. I hope that while we appreciate the beautiful music fountain, we should pay more attention to our own safety.


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