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Precautions for construction and layout of square fountain design

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The square fountain needs to be cautious in the design and construction. If you don’t know the precautions for its construction well, don’t worry, because next, our industry experts will share with you the precautions for the design and construction of the square fountain. If you have different opinions, you are welcome to call for feedback. At the same time, it is recommended that you collect this article for emergencies and look forward to your attention.

Square fountain

1. Precautions for the design and construction of the square fountain

1. The method of the pool bottom and wall of the fountain in the square should be based on the specific conditions, and the special design should be made after the mechanics calculation. For the material of the water-proof layer of the pool bottom and wall, the coiled materials with better waterproof effect should be selected, such as EPDM waterproof cloth and chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing coiled materials. The water inlet, overflow, and pump pit of the pool should be set up in a relatively hidden place in the pool. The location of the pump pit and the location of the pipe should be close to the power source and water source. In winter freezing areas, various pool bottom and pool wall practices require consideration of draining out of the pool in winter. Therefore, the drainage facilities of the pool must be easy to control manually.

The square fountain is completely produced by equipment, and the control of the water jet is the key link

2. The square fountain is completely produced by equipment, and the jet flow control of the water is the key link. The combination of different methods will produce colorful changes. The square fountain arranged indoors has a small flow range designed for the flow of water. The nozzles are membrane-shaped, water-mist type and aerated mixed type, with the control of lighting effects, making it colorful and enhancing the courtyard atmosphere.

Two, the main points of the square fountain layout

The location is generally set at the axis focal point, end point or flower bed group of the courtyard. According to the environmental characteristics, some small square fountains can also be made, arranged in the courtyard, on both sides of the door, at the turning point of the space, in the hall of public buildings, etc. , Adopt flexible layout, freely decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. But in the layout, attention should be paid not to arrange the square fountain on the air duct between the buildings. Instead, it should be placed in a sheltered environment to prevent strong winds from breaking the water shape of the square fountain and falling water out of the pool. [For details, please refer to “Do you know? There are so many functional advantages of the square fountain! “Related content]

The above content is mainly to share with you the construction precautions and layout points of the square fountain design. I hope this section can help you solve some problems. If you have other questions you need to know, then you can contact our customer service online, we The customer service will help you in a timely manner.


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