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Design and build a fountain to grasp the key elements

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The investment cost of the fountain is relatively large. The total investment of the Dubai Music Fountain has reached 218 million US dollars, and the music fountain of the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden in Xi’an has also reached about 10 million. In the process of designing and constructing fountains at great cost, in order to effectively improve the utilization rate and effect of fountains, we must grasp some key elements and adapt the local environment and landscape characteristics to the best of the fountains according to local conditions. In general, the construction of the fountain is mainly an artificial fountain, which cooperates with the surrounding buildings and natural landscape to improve the overall landscape effect. With the help of the water, light, sound, color and other elements created by the fountain landscape, the fountain can bring the audience to the audience. , Visual and other diversified experiences can make the fountain truly show its characteristics and form a supporting effect on the landscape





Element one must grasp the overall layout

As a complex project in design products, the fountain is not only to design the water spray shape and music background of the fountain, but also needs to affect the architecture and natural landscape from the perspective of the overall layout, surrounding the space occupied by the fountain Only after making an overall plan and coordinating the relationship between different elements such as fountains, landscapes, and audiences can the fountains fully function and enhance the effect of the fountains on the environment. The overall layout requires a professional team, according to the geographical location and spatial location of the fountain construction, compare the effects required by the surrounding landscape, and make an overall design.

Element two is to grasp the music background

The fountain needs the coordination of music, and with the help of different shapes of water flow, it can effectively play the role of the fountain and achieve the effect of the landscape. In the process of fountain design and construction, the music background should be taken as an important content, combined with local cultural characteristics, the music background that needs to be introduced should be considered, reflect the unique cultural charm, and enhance the intrinsic value of the music fountain. For example, Xi’an Dayan Tower Fountain, when inviting foreign professional music fountain design teams to design and build, incorporated the music background of Chinese cultural characteristics into the core elements, and set the fountain with folk songs such as “Liang Zhu”, “BBK” and “Xiyangyang” The shape of the nozzle, the direction of the nozzle, the height of the water flow, the rest time, etc.

Element three must do a good job with equipment

The fountain is an important part of the urban landscape and park landscape, and it needs equipment and equipment to function properly. From the point of view of the equipment required for the fountain, it needs the cooperation of various equipment such as auxiliary nozzles, water pumps, audio, electronic control equipment, and calculation codes to ensure the normal operation of the fountain. In the design of the fountain, the effective coordination between the equipment is the key to the design and use of the fountain. Only good equipment, a good operating environment, and suitable equipment connection can effectively increase the life of the fountain, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue.


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