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Sichuan music fountain is a bright color in the social environment

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In practical use, attention should be paid to the characteristics of various nozzles. Generally, the wind resistance of water film sprinkler is poor, so it is not suitable to use in outdoor windy occasions; while the injection type sprinkler, such as cedar or spring, is more sensitive to the change of water level, so not only the change of water level should be paid attention to, but also the corresponding wave suppression measures should be taken in the pool design. Such as setting long overflow weir or underwater wave wall. However, it is also conducive to the construction of pulsating fountains by the hydraulic phenomenon of wave resonance. The regular wave surge makes the water jet jump and change regularly. At present, there are many high-tech fountain equipment, which can also be used in water art landscape. The jet of bright spring and jump spring is very smooth and stable, and its appearance is like a glass rod, which can accurately fall into the water receiving hole; jump spring can generate water jet with variable length under the control of computer; jump spring can eject smooth water ball with controllable size. They are very interesting and unforgettable. There are many kinds of high-tech sprinklers and underwater sports machinery and control components used in large-scale Sichuan music fountains and underwater transport music fountains.

Sichuan music fountains

Sichuan music fountain is a bright color in the social environment, which brings endless fun to people’s life. How do we design fountains? How do we choose fountain nozzles? There are still water, running water, falling water, spraying water and other forms of fountains. These forms can derive colorful forms of change, especially due to the development of nozzle technology, the spray posture is changing a lot. With these materials, and then through the artistic design of professionals, we can sketch a beautiful water art landscape.

In addition, different landscape forms are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, Sichuan music fountain is generally suitable for square and other assembly places. It is an organic combination of music, water shape and light to give people the aesthetic feeling of vision and hearing; at the same time, the fountain and the square are integrated, forming a part of the building. The buildings in the residential area are more suitable to be surrounded by streams to reflect the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, and give people a gentle and relaxed visual enjoyment, so as to create a pleasant living and rest space.
The choice of nozzle is very important in fountain design. Various types of nozzles are widely used in Waterscape to generate different shapes of water. At present, there are great differences in the quality of domestic sprinkler heads. Compared with foreign similar products, the biggest problem is not only the appearance, but also the design quality. The biggest requirement of water landscape engineering is beautiful water shape and smooth and stable jet.


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