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Fountain manufacturer tell you how to choose music fountain equipment

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Fountain manufacturer in the design of the fountain, we all expect the specific actual imaging can be satisfactory. Therefore, the design scheme, engineering construction and selection of mechanical equipment of the fountain should be strictly controlled. It can consider not only the visual impact, but also the actual effect of the auditory system. So, in the choice of musical fountain machinery and equipment, what factors must be taken into account?

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  1. from the structure and appearance level to master the appropriate installation, and its appropriate installation program. After all, a good musical fountain machinery and equipment must also have an effective installation program. According to its applicability, it does have the actual imaging of the decorative design. According to the effective installation of the installation positioning, according to its safety factor, reasonableness, applicability, generally effective and applicable installation.


  1. The size of the fountain must be integral. For example, large and medium-sized fountain, it is inevitable to choose the output power of the music fountain machinery and equipment, including its tone, sound, etc.. In order to give full play to its applicability and use value, but also the choice of music fountain machine equipment standard orientation.


  1. fountain manufacturer feel that according to the photo of the music fountain can also grasp the technology professional manufacturers in which music fountain machine and equipment strong. Also means that even if you never know which music fountain machine suitable, which is stronger, you just need to choose a professional music fountain machine manufacturers, you can deal with a lot of related problems!


  1. fountain manufacturer must master the basic principles of such different musical fountains. Only then you can better compare and determine the actual effect you want and know the song you want. Fountain to be able to be used as a fountain, so you can choose a variety of musical fountain machine equipment, you can reasonably choose the fountain in their favor. Equipment, so that we can have more convenient and satisfactory results at this level.




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