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Design concept and cost calculation of fountain water show

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The fountain water show design scheme is usually divided into the existing design scheme (that is, the fountain design scheme that has been used in other projects) and the customized design scheme for the special requirements of customers. If the existing design scheme is used, a design fee is charged. Here, we only pay for customers with similar custom design solutions. Why pay for fountain design fees?

fountain water show

When it comes to fountain design, there is a jargon: design is the soul of fountains. The designer regards the musical fountain as a work of art to sculpt, integrate the cultural connotation to be demonstrated into water, light and music. The water and light show the soul with elegant melody and the dance of man and nature, so that water, The light “lived” together, showing the life of water art drippingly. At the same time, for the clear project, similar custom fountains, because of the integration of local humanistic characteristics and culture, the design concept is eye-catching, unique, more attractive and uniquely meaningful, and powerfully enhance the local charm and play Strong propaganda plays. As a work of art, the design of musical fountain tests the designer’s understanding of art and the ability to create, and it costs a certain amount of time and energy. This is why the fountain company pays a certain percentage of the design fee to the customer based on the fountain cost. Beijing Oriental Mingquan fountain design charging standards:
The fountain design is charged at 3%-5% of the estimated cost. The fee is at least 20,000 yuan (for fountains that cost less than 400,000 yuan, the existing fountain design plan will be discussed as appropriate). If the fountain project is finally constructed by our company, then the design fee will be returned in the same amount, which is equivalent to the unpaid design fee.
So how does a good musical fountain design come from? What are the processes?

1. Preliminary investigation and information collection:

1. Survey the site to understand the site, surrounding environment and basic conditions. The business manager and designers will visit and inspect the site to understand the basic situation of the site, and understand the needs of customers and the intention of building a musical fountain.

2. The business personnel and the fountain design team held a meeting, and the information obtained through the field investigation and the data provided by the customer allowed the designers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall project.

2. Fountain design concept and theme:

The fountain creative group in the design team combined local history, culture and cultural characteristics to conceive fountain design themes and fountain concepts. In the content of the fountain water show, the original creation is composed of three performance chapters and four performance bridges around the local culture. The audience will appreciate the thickness, exquisiteness and exquisiteness of the local culture interpreted by the “water performance”. , Majestic and magnificent.

3. Fountain expression:

In the form of “Water Dance” and “Water Show”.

1. Water dance program:

The daily water dance program can invigorate the atmosphere of the entire scenic spot, and is an important means to increase the time for tourists to visit. The “Water Dance” project plays a role in enriching the scenic product line.

2. Water show:

The original customized water show for the scenic spot is a comprehensive water show that integrates video images, fountains, lights, lasers and other elements. The core of the water show is refinement and display. The local cultural symbols will be combined with strong visual and auditory impact elements to create a well-known water show performance project.

4. Compile the summary of the fountain water show plot:

The creative team in the design team consults and collects information through various channels to understand local ancient and modern culture, historical allusions, and well-known characters, find the pivot and main line of the water show plot, and compile the protagonist, the concept of the water show plot, and the various The episode plot.

Five, the point map of the fountain water show design plan

6. Types of water used in fountains and water shows

Seven, system indicators

The above is the overall process framework of the musical fountain design. It can be seen from the content of the appeal that if a fountain company wants to create a perfect musical fountain design plan, it must not only have a professional and perfect fountain design team to support it, but also require quality and depth.


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