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Three effects determining the effect of dry fountains

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Dryland music fountain is one of the types of square fountains that can make full use of the square without affecting other functions of the square. Considering the effect and safety, there are three main points that can not be ignored:

Dry Fountain

1. Control Mode of Dry Fountain

We often see or hear about the fountain accident in the news, especially the music fountain in the dryland. Because of the huge pressure, people rush into the air and cause great harm to people’s body. This is because the manufacturers of the dry fountain only consider the performance effect of the dry fountain, but do not consider the harm of the water column pressure to people. So in the process of design and construction of dry fountain, the solution to ensure the performance effect of fountain without harming people is frequency converter regulation. Frequency converter regulation can make all water column can achieve slow rise and slow down performance, which can reduce the power of pump operation, but also prevent the water column in the opening pressure is too large, so as to avoid harm to people.

2. Water quality of dry fountains:

Dry Fountain
In the process of design and construction of dry fountain, scnj fountain company suggests that 304 stainless steel should be used as far as possible to reduce rust, and high-quality water treatment equipment should be adopted in the later stage to make the water quality meet the swimming pool water quality standards. At the same time, the water in the pool is regularly tested and replaced to avoid skin allergies caused by children’s contact with water.

3. Selection of dry fountain accessories:

The design and construction of dry fountain are inseparable from the selection of spare parts of dry fountain, especially the grate of the outlet. When choosing the dry fountain grate, we must pay attention not only to the beauty, but also to the aperture of the gap, because the gap will stuck the children’s feet, causing unnecessary harm to children.


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