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Fountain company adjusts color and brightness

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The fountain company adjusts the contrast between color and brightness. The eyes are very sensitive to light, so where the light is bright, the viewer’s eye will naturally be attracted there. A fountain must have its main body and accompanying parts, just like the main and sub-areas on the stage. We often use contrasts in color and brightness to suggest the audience, launching the center and climax of the show.

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In the design of the music fountain, it is also necessary to have such highlighting and emphasizing, so that the whole fountain looks like a whole and has a layer. That is to reshape the fountain, so that the shape of the water that has been shaped has changed more shapes and effects. Just like the relationship between the scene and the light on the stage, different angles and colors as well as the shape of the spot, the effect of the scene is different.

fountain company

The fountain company uses color and brightness contrast adjustment. The fountain’s modeling method itself has more than a dozen or more technologies. These technologies, together with lighting technology, are like chemical elements. Every change and recombination will produce new effects. . The light makes the fountain create an overall shape that the fountain itself cannot achieve. At the same time, water acts as a medium that can carry light, and it also produces an effect that cannot be achieved in the air.


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