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How does the Fountain Company Design the Spatial Framework

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No matter what the design is, the fountain company has to determine a spatial framework before further design and construction. Now we will briefly introduce and analyze the space design issues.

Fountain Company
Scene extraordinary space is the component part of city scene space, and “extraordinary” is the extraordinary space related to the meaning, including the micro space defined from the standard, the odd space defined from the structure, technique and concept, and the characteristic space defined from the location. This paper mainly discusses the characteristics and design methods of this kind of scene space from the perspective of landscape space planning and design.

Scene micro-space is a relatively small open space defined from the standard and planning of scene space, but it can be as small as the Pellet Park in New York City, which has an area of more than 400 square meters, or as small as the open space of 20 square meters in the courtyard of the City Hall of Jet-nose Port.

Singularity space is a kind of singularity space invented by using new materials and elements such as acousto-optic control video and audio equipment. The thinking of works develops multi-functional, high-impact, fun and multi-cultural trends.

Fountain company refers to the scene space built out of the conventional thought form or with extraordinary goals to serve specific objects. In these scenic spaces, the purpose of the design is to understand that the design method of Wusen system has strong pertinence and has the necessary inspiration and imaginative energy. For example, in the urban public green space, the innovation of urban industrial abandoned land belongs to the special space for the relatively fixed demand of the users.

Scene extraordinary space has space artistry. The composition, placement, color and texture of its space elements are the emotional expression of the gardener to the situation. The gardener’s personal artistic accomplishment has a great influence on the situation of the scene.

Traditional Chinese classical gardens have narrow land use and short space blockade. They reproduce natural mountains and rivers in narrow space and invent a poetic and picturesque situation. It needs ingenious space disposal to reach the artistic result of mustard mustard in Nashmi.

There are two main types of display of fountain company‘s design works:
One is frank and open expression.
Another way to hide things is to hide them and hide them.

Chinese classical gardens mostly adopt the latter one, thinking that dew is shallow and hiding is deep. In order to avoid the difficult artistic conception of shallowness, we often hide some excellent scenery in remote and quiet places (hidden between rocks and tree tops) by means of hiding or hiding, so that the realm of hiding can be displayed skillfully. For example, the cloud chamber in the lion forest is a huge pavilion. If it stands on the surrounding open ground, the fog-sen equipment will inevitably make people feel silent and respectful. However, it hides in the stone forest, surrounded by strange rocks, pines and cypresses covering the sky, only one corner of the building is exposed, which not only implies the location of the building, but also very interesting.

At present, the structure of urban property and function has been adjusted from time to time. The abandonment of some heavy industry factories and old urban areas will affect the whole urban landscape and ecological situation. The innovative disposal of these urban spaces along the river will not only improve the urban ecological situation, but also improve the prehistory context of a continuous city, save the establishment of information and eventually become a special city. Type scene space.

The visual experience given by the scene space is very rich, and it is also the most primitive and direct. Different visual results are invented by applying differences in hiding and leaking, illusion and hallucination, color and texture of data. Leave an indelible and pleasant visual memory.

The above is a brief introduction about the design of the fountain project by our company. We also have a certain understanding of the fountain project. We believe that there will be better results in the continuous exploration and efforts.


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