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What are the types of fountain nozzles?

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Fountain company introduced the use of straight-line sprinklers in fountains before, which produced different landscapes and showed different effects. Now let’s learn about other fountains:

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1. Application of Flat Nozzle
Dandelion sprinkler: It is composed of several micro-glass cover sprinklers, usually 150-200 cm in diameter.

2. Application of aerated nozzle
Aerated fountain head: sprinkler height is 200 cm ~ 250 cm, sprinkler height is above 300 cm, aerated water column, cedar, Pinus tabulaeformis, central water column.
Magnolia fountain head: its height generally does not exceed 100 cm (30-100 cm), usually 60-80 cm when the effect is the best, can be arbitrarily combined.

3. Application of Film Nozzle
Cough flare sprinkler and glass cover sprinkler

4. Application of Rotating Springs in Design
The application of rotational type can be combined with other spring species to create scenery, or can be used independently for relatively small water surface.

Nozzle,Fountain company

Dance Spring and Starlight Spring

Spring of atomization: mainly used to render the atmosphere, mostly used in combination with small works, sculptures, waterfalls and other relatively solid objects. It can also display the effect of green yarn on the water surface to show the theme, invisible objects and create a mysterious atmosphere.

The fountain company adds color to the city, and the water form of the sprinkler designed enriches people’s eyes, subtly changing people’s life, healthy and happy life.


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