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What are the requirements for fountain structure design

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1. If the fountain is a pool fountain, the cast-in-place concrete structure is most commonly used. Waterproof concrete should be used to ensure no leakage. In order to prevent cracks, steel bars should be properly allocated. The expansion joints and settlement joints should be properly set up in large-scale pools. Water belts should be set up in these structural joints and filled with flexible leak-proof materials.

2. Settlement joints should also be set up at the joints of fountain pools, piping ditches and pumping houses, and leak-proof treatment should also be carried out.

3. The wall of fountain pool can be decorated with granite and glazed tile veneer, but waterproof mortar should be used.

4. The construction methods of the bottom and wall of the pond may be different according to the specific design.

5. When the fountain design pipeline passes through the bottom and outer wall of the pool, leak-proof measures should be taken. Generally, waterproof sleeve should be set up. Flexible waterproof sleeve should be installed where vibration may occur.

6. The purpose of setting spillway in fountain pool is to maintain a certain level of water and sewage on the surface and keep the water surface clean. The commonly used forms of spillway are weir type, funnel type, pipe mouth type, connecting pipe type, etc. They can also be selected according to specific conditions. If a large fountain pool can not meet the requirements, it can be set up several overflow outlets, but should be evenly arranged in the pool, the location of overflow outlet should not affect the beauty, and it is easy to remove fountain fountain fountain fountain fountain fountain fountain fountain and dredge the fountain pipeline. A grille or grille should be installed outside the overflow to prevent the pipeline from being blocked by larger floats. The grid clearance or screen mesh diameter shall not be greater than 1/4 of the pipe diameter.

7. In order to facilitate cleaning, overhauling fountains and prevent water quality from spoiling or freezing when they are out of service, the fountain pool should be equipped with outlets, and the fountain pool should discharge water by gravity as far as possible. The suction port of the pump can also be used as both outlet and discharge water by the pump. The entrance of the outlet should also be provided with grille or grille, and the clearance and diameter of the grille should be less than 1/4 of the diameter of the pipeline. Of course, the clearance of the impeller can also be determined according to the clearance of the pump.


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