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Fountain Company Introduces Boguangquan to you

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Boguang Spring is a common fine water fountain. It is a water jet through a special sprinkler, which forms a water column that sprays along a set trajectory. Unlike the general characteristics of fountains which are easy to disperse in the air, wave and light springs can always maintain a state of aggregation. Usually, a strong light source is set inside the wave and light springs. Light bends into a parabolic beam through the total internal reflection effect of wave and light springs.

Boguang Spring
Boguangquan water column is like a crystal-clear icicle. In the process of jumping from one water pool to another, it naturally forms a series of lines, dancing and flying, flying into the air without splashing, like a vital water section. The length of the water section and the speed of water outlet can be designed arbitrarily according to the actual needs of customers. Set the adjustment and jump arbitrarily under the control of the controller. If it is a pair of bright springs, it can realize long-to-jump, middle-to-jump, short-to-jump, wrong-to-right jump, etc. The water column can jump arbitrarily under the control of the remote control, perfect and incomprehensible.

When it comes to Boguangquan, we have to mention Juequan, which is also a kind of Boguangquan. Wave-light spring is based on wave-light fountain. It can also be cut into a section of water with vitality by precise control of electronic shutter. There is a certain interval between them, which can be continuous, intermittent and linked into radians. The length of the formation of the wave-light spring jump and the speed of the water outlet can be adjusted according to the actual design ideas as required. Under the control of the controller, the jump is arbitrary, continuous and perfect.

Boguang Spring
Boguang Spring and Boguang Jumping Spring are delicate and elegant water fountains. They are a kind of waterscape art with strong sense of science and technology. They can be widely used indoors and outdoors. The combination of Boguang Spring and other water fountains has a better effect.


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