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What are the differences in the control settings of music fountains?

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In life, the music fountain sprays water with the rhythm of the sound wave of water, and under the lighting, sprays colorful, which makes people concentrate. It’s a kind of enjoyment. The design and selection of fountain water type not only considers the aesthetic feeling of performing music, but also considers the effect of waterscape, so the setting of control has different functions. So let’s share with you the following:

music fountain
Manual control:
During the day or night music performance intervals, click the mouse to open some water forms independently, forming a combination of shapes fixed and unchanged. Save electricity, the most commonly used in peacetime.

2. Procedural control:
If you want different combinations of shape changes, you can open the degree of function, so that the water type changes according to the set procedures, different shapes, people feel the beauty of different scenery.

3. Real-time voice control:
At present, most music fountain companies in China generally adopt a control method, which is characterized by responding to any sound source signal, playing karaoke on the spot, etc., but this control method has some shortcomings.

music fountain
1. Water movement lags behind music, which makes people feel that fountain movement is not in harmony with music.

2. The combination and duration of the appearance of water type are fixed repetitions and regardless of any track, so there will be inconsistencies between the emotions expressed by performing water type and music. For example, the exciting musical notes may have a swing water type, and when the melody is soft, there will be a tall water body, which makes the auditory and visual perception inconsistent.

3. The emotional passages of the music are inconsistent with the changing time of the water type, and they are uniform.

4. Pre-editing Control Mode


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