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Fountain Design Company explains how to choose a good pipe for you

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If the pipeline has good corrosion resistance, the service life of the fountain can be prolonged for a short time, but the pipeline materials on the market are uneven, how to select the appropriate pipeline? And after the selection is completed, what should be the degree of control of water quality? These are the problems that fountain designers should consider. Now the fountain design company will come and talk to you.

Fountain Design Company
1. How to Select Pipeline Material for Waterscape Project

In the past garden construction, we mostly used hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. After being used for a period of time, the surface of the steel pipe is easily corroded by rain dust and some acid substances in the air, which will reduce the ornamental of the water landscape, and the life of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is generally very short. If copper pipe or stainless steel pipe is used, the price is more expensive. In order to reduce the cost and solve the above problems, people propose that UPVC pipe can be used.
This kind of pipe can avoid the corrosion of the landscape surface, but its weatherability and heat resistance are poor. If the sun shines directly, the pipe will rapidly aging. In our hydrological landscape design, UPAC pipes can be used at the bottom of the pool where there is no light, and copper or stainless steel pipes can be used in the exposed part of the pool. This greatly reduces the cost.

2. Water source and water quality control

At present, the recharge scheme of Landscape Lakes in China is mainly rainwater collection and water from peripheral rivers. The water quality control scheme mainly includes subsurface wetland treatment technology and aquatic ecosystem construction technology, as well as ecological floating bed, aeration, hydrodynamic cycle, biological grid and other lake water quality purification technologies, through which internal pollution can be controlled. At the same time, the use of biological interception facilities and other decentralized rainwater collection and treatment systems to control the community rainwater runoff may cause external pollution.

These are the piping problems and water quality problems in fountain equipment shared today. If you want more consultation in the future, please contact Fountain Design Company. Sichuan Neijiang Art Fountain Factory is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in urban waterscape, music fountain planning, design and construction. Fountain Design Company undertakes: music fountain, laser and water curtain film, programmed fountain, landscape mist, landscape brightening, water treatment and other waterscape projects. The main products of the factory are: various nozzles, various underwater color lights, music program control system, landscape mist complete sets of equipment, etc., which have been tested by the state authority, and many of them have won national patents.


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