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Musical fountain manufacturer to pay attention to what issues when designing

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Now we are more and more familiar with musical fountains, a variety of musical fountain design, these fountains for the city to increase a touch of spiritual beauty, but also to meet people’s ornamental needs, in today’s fast-paced life, so people can relax, then as a musical fountain manufacturer, we need to pay attention to what problems in the process of designing musical fountains?


usical fountain manufacturer


1, we design the music fountain landscape, sometimes the installation site has native water resources, and water resources are relatively clean, then we ** can use native water resources, convenient and more environmentally friendly Oh.


2, do fountain design, not that take a template to set, after all, each place has its own characteristics of style, so we need to do the design according to the characteristics of the fountain location and natural landscape, not only different, but also more complementary to the surrounding environment, highlighting the city’s unique beauty.


3, the fountain water is flowing, is alive, is jumping. Flowing water gives the music fountain dynamic no, and in the summer, the fountain spouting flowing water, for the surrounding cooling, give everyone a cool space, more attractive to the crowd.


4, music fountain as a natural humanistic landscape, fountains are mainly installed in squares, parks and other places where people relax and play, so pay attention to humanism, so that people can be closer to the water, close to the water, improve the humanism of the landscape.


5, music fountain in the design to have a sense of change and hierarchy, you can also do water curtain film and other designs, to give people a colorful feeling, improve the ornamental fountain landscape.


The above five points are musical fountain manufacturer in the musical fountain design to pay attention to the problem, if you have questions about musical fountain design, fountain construction, fountain installation, water curtain movie and other fountain engineering related issues, welcome to consult with Jiayue fountain company at any time.



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